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To help locate specific UMaine Today articles, the stories featured have been arranged into the following categories. Select a category below to view a listing of all related UMaine Today stories.

  • Fall 2013 Out of Africa Arthur Serota wields education as a powerful weapon in the struggle for peace
  • Fall 2013 Perspective of preservation New doctoral program adopts holistic approach in implementing environmental policy
  • Spring 2013 United front A sociologist brings a project to Maine to help girls and their mothers face life’s challenges
  • Spring 2013 Island life Zooarchaeologist studies prehistoric subsistence shifts due to climate change
  • Winter 2012 Power of Compassion Focusing on the understanding and caring deemed critical to social growth and well-being
  • Fall 2012 Mapping the Empire The 18th-century quest to map British America
  • Summer 2012 That Four-Letter Word Political scientist Mark Brewer reflects on the evolution of liberalism
  • Summer 2012 The Long View Michael Grillo’s photography is a means of conversation across the ages
  • Spring 2012 Cataloging Eden Early naturalist explorers documented the North American wilderness
  • Winter 2011 War of Words Emily Dickinson’s response to the American Civil War
  • Fall 2011 The Art of War UMaine, Bangor libraries collaborate to make extensive war poster collection accessible online
  • Fall 2011 Sculpting a Life Constant Albertson uses art to fill the void left by her mother’s death
  • Summer 2011 9.11+10 A decade later, what has changed between 'them' and 'us'?
  • Spring 2011 Living Lightly Sustainability is a key to improving quality of life
  • Spring 2011 Choosing Survival 19th-century Native petitions provide unique perspective on the Maine tribes’ struggle to preserve their homeland
  • Winter 2010 Air Check How the history of broadcasting can inform tomorrow’s media choices
  • Winter 2010 Heat of Battle A military historian's research sheds light on the timeless dilemma posed by war crimes
  • Winter 2010 Made in China UMaine art professor works to make the country’s cultural life accessible to a Western audience
  • Summer 2010 Discriminating Youths UMaine sociologist looks at sexual harassment among teen workers
  • Spring 2010 So Small A philosophical perspective on neuroses as disorders of the body in space
  • Spring 2010 Reading the Resources An ecological anthropologist looks at the influences of culture on the natural environment
  • Winter 2009 The Taste of Others Many food films subvert the diversity messages they appear to promote
  • Winter 2009 Coming Up Empty Economic anthropologist James Acheson studies the effect of humans on the marine resources
  • Fall 2009 Chapters and Verse UMaine’s internationally recognized poetry tradition turns another page
  • Fall 2009 The Interaction Learning communication realities in a virtual world
  • March/April 2009 [New] Media Savvy eMerging of technology and critical thinking creates a rich learning experience
  • March/April 2009 Carved in Stone UMaine and tribal experts collaborate to save Maine's rare petroglyphs on Machias Bay