Dream job

Look out, world. Here they come.



Caroline Allan:
I might want to help find a cure for cancer.

Nathaniel Hufnagel:
I want to work for NASA.

Caroline Allan:
Maybe a neurosurgeon.

Makena Nevells
I’m interested in being a veterinarian.

Nathaniel Hufnagel:
To be the first one to invent something that can go the speed of light and discover a new galaxy.

Ben Arnold:
I think I’m probably going to be an engineer.

Jaylin Hills:
I hope that I can be a veterinarian physician.

Caroline Allan:
Or I might want to be a judge at Supreme Court.

Madison Napoli:
I want to be a defense attorney.

Caroline Allan:
But I’m not really too sure yet. Or maybe work with SpaceX to be an astronaut.