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Great works Artist-in-residence program brings sculptors to campus

Last year, sculptor Mark Herrington of Franklin was in residence at UMaine, culminating in his work “Tec.ton.ic,” installed near UMaine’s Sculpture Studio, across from the Collins Center for the Arts.

In April, sculptor Andreas von Huene of Woolwich, Maine spent a week at the University of Maine mentoring students and creating a piece of art that will be permanently installed on campus. His residency is part of the Littlefield Gallery Artist-in-Residence Series at UMaine, now in its second year.

Last year, sculptor Mark Herrington of Franklin, Maine was in residence and in the coming academic year, Kazumi Hoshino of Nagoya, Japan, will be on campus as part of the sculpture visiting artist series, sponsored by UMaine and Littlefield Gallery in Winter Harbor.

In the Littlefield Artist-in-Residence Series, artists join the UMaine community in the fall to give a lecture and demonstration. In the spring, they spend a week on campus, collaborating with students and completing their works on-site.

The visiting artist series brings professionals to work side by side with students and helps form a sense of community at UMaine, says Greg Ondo, a UMaine assistant professor of art and a sculptor. From Herrington, von Huene and Hoshino, young artists can be inspired to make their own contributions.

When von Huene returned April 25, he carved a 1-ton, 12-inch diameter piece of salt-and-pepper granite. For his design, he collaborated with Tim Shay, using the Indian Island, Maine sculptor and his family members as models. His work is part of a growing body of granite sculptures on campus.

The series is funded in part by the University of Maine’s Cultural Affairs/Distinguished Lecture Series and the Department of Art.

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