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Insights A new study by a University of Maine economist estimates the cost of preventable, environmentally related childhood illnesses in Maine

Flying wireless

The CANEUS Fly-by-Wireless Sector Consortium, part of an international nonprofit organization that serves the aeronautics, space and defense communities, has tapped University of Maine Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Ali Abedi to help them pull the plug.

No, it’s not closing down. The consortium is powering up to create wireless micro and nano technologies for aerospace applications, and has named Abedi to lead the effort.

Abedi directs UMaine’s WiSe-Net Lab for wireless sensor network research. Currently, he is working on a novel coding scheme for a battery-free wireless sensor communication system that he says can perform in harsh environments where the battery-powered sensors now used in NASA’s space shuttle cannot function.

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May/June 2009

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