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Insights A new study by a University of Maine economist estimates the cost of preventable, environmentally related childhood illnesses in Maine

Picture this

A Web-based photo gallery is one of the latest teaching tools in the field of animal science.

The gallery now includes more than 1,700 images in a dozen categories of animal husbandry ranging from beef cattle to sheep and goats. It is designed to aid in college-level courses, as well as Cooperative Extension outreach.

The Animal Science Image Gallery ( was established in 2003 by the Animal Science Education Consortium and the National Agriculture Library with the help of a more than $200,000 USDA Higher Education Program Challenge Grant. Since 2007, the American Society of Animal Science has provided oversight of the peer-reviewed submissions of photos, animals and video to assist in animal science teaching and learning.

Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences Chairperson Martin Stokes, a member of the Animal Science Education Consortium, helped establish the gallery and serves as editor for the section on nutrition.

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May/June 2009

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