Park management research

John Daigle started his relationship with Acadia National Park as a park ranger while he was an undergraduate at the University of Maine. Now as a professor of forest recreation management, his work with Acadia continues in the form of park management research. Since the late 1990s, Daigle has researched topics including alternative transportation systems […]

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History of UMaine’s research partnership with Acadia

Catherine Schmitt, communications director for Maine Sea Grant College Program at the University of Maine, discusses some of the earliest connections between UMaine researchers and Acadia National Park. In tribute to Acadia’s centennial in 2016, UMaine Today is reflecting on the university’s relationship with the park, particularly in terms of significant research pertaining to the […]

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Citizen science in Acadia

The Dragonfly Mercury Project, which began at the University of Maine in 2012, is now engaging students and volunteers in science at about 70 national parks, including Acadia. The project encourages students, volunteers and park visitors to collect dragonfly larvae to measure mercury levels in water bodies to better understand human-caused mercury contamination in national […]

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