The science of politics

Mark Brewer was one of UMaine’s most sought-after experts in 2020
Photo by Adam Küykendall

The science of politics

Mark Brewer was one of UMaine’s most sought-after experts in 2020

For nearly two decades, Mark Brewer has been a touchstone for journalists covering politics in Maine and the United States.

The University of Maine professor is valued and respected not only for his extensive expertise on state and national political matters, but also for his ability to deliver timely, accessible, knowledgeable perspective and insight on a wide range of topics — from how ranked-choice voting works to the latest facets of a high-stakes Congressional race. 

Just the facts. Objective and nonpartisan.

Brewer and his colleagues in the Department of Political Science are nationally and internationally recognized for their fields of specialization. Their teaching, research and outreach are the social sciences in action, educating students and contributing to scholarship, and helping inform citizens of all ages about the latest nuances and long-standing traditions of political systems and civic life.

Brewer’s research and scholarly publications focus on political parties, elections, and religion and politics in the U.S. His numerous books include the seminal textbook Politics and Elections in America: The Electoral Process, coauthored with L. Sandy Maisel, and Polarization and the Politics of Personal Responsibility, written with Jeffrey Stonecash. Brewer also is editor of the New England Journal of Political Science.

Being a go-to expert for media means helping inform countless readers, viewers and listeners, as well as reporters, and contributing to the common good. Since joining the UMaine faculty in 2004, he has given well over 1,200 interviews with local, state, national and international media outlets. 

In the 2020 election cycle, Brewer was one of UMaine’s most sought-after experts, with nearly 150 media interviews since May.

People, Vox, U.S. News & World Report, GQ. 

Boston Globe, New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today.


Interviews with media in Canada, France, Chile.

And more.

Most-asked question of Brewer in 2020? It was the two sides of Maine’s 2nd Congressional District race. In the first half of 2020, the questions focused on the logistics of what it would take for Sara Gideon to beat Susan Collins. In the second half of the year, the media focus was on whether there was any way Susan Collins could retain her seat.  

“Successful representative democracy requires a critical mass of educated, informed and involved citizens. I see my interaction with the media as my small contributions to achieving this goal,” says Brewer, who received the 2019 Outstanding Faculty Award for service and outreach in the UMaine College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 

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