In Maine and beyond

The mission of the state’s research university

In Maine and beyond

The mission of the state’s research university

There’s nothing better than working for the people of Maine. As president of the University of Maine these last four years, and as a member of the UMaine community for more than 30, I have appreciated, enjoyed and embraced the mission of a public research university, and the difference it can make, near and far.

That commitment to teaching, research and community engagement is deeply held and widely shared by members of a land grant university community. It’s what drives our university to do great work, most often in partnership with others and all for the greater good — in Maine and beyond.

As the state’s public research university, UMaine plays a critical role in building collaborations that benefit our communities, businesses and students. It is rewarding to see what we have done — and continue to accomplish — together.

World-class engineers, marine researchers and climate scientists are at the University of Maine, collaborating with the National Weather Service to help the state predict and respond to increasingly intense coastal storms. Some of the top entomologists are at the university and, in the case of the recent infestations of brown-tail moths in the state, are on speed dial for communities battling the invaders.

State and national media covering the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have extensively tapped our researchers’ expertise on sexual harassment in the workplace and the power of social media. Some of the leading humanities scholars in the nation and the state are at UMaine, collaborating with graduate students whose research contributes to our understanding of Maine history.

Their stories are among those featured in this issue of UMaine Today magazine. They demonstrate how this public research university turns knowledge into solutions, contributes to quality of life in Maine, enhances scientific and societal understanding, and informs the UMaine student experience.

As president, I couldn’t be prouder.

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Susan J. Hunter

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